Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was thinking today about how terribly inconsistent I am. I begin many things, but rarely do I see them through. I always have great intentions, and yet somewhere along the way I get distracted and sidetracked. Below is a list of some of the things I struggle with:

1. Exercise. Dah! I am incredibly inconsistent in this area. I will work out straight for a week and then not again for a couple of weeks. The only time I am consistent is when I am part of a running group or when I am signed up for a race. The fear of failing miserably on race day motivates me to train, but I shouldn't always be motivated by fear.

2. Eating healthy. For the most part I eat healthy but I know I still have areas of improvement. I find I eat really well when I am tracking my food/caloric intake on spark but I rarely keep it up for more than two weeks.

3. Staying in touch with friends. (I am slowly getting better at this. I recently started a "card a month club" in which I make handmade cards and send out over a dozen to friends and family.

4. Keeping and Following a budget. I used to be REALLY good at this but over the years I have gotten lazy. I find that I tend to be more budget orientated when there is not much money or when I am saving up for something big that requires sacrifice.

Come to think of it though......there ARE a few things I have stuck through and they all happen be things that really matter to me.

1. Two years of selling books door to door to pay for my University Education. It has an intense, challenging job and I wanted to quit a million times but choose not to. When I graduated I was debt free!

2. Training for and completing a half iron man triathlon. I often had to train up to three hours outside in pouring rain. Not really my idea of a good time, but in the end, it was worth it.

3. Having a drug free birth. It was no cake walk and I could see how it would be easy to opt for pain relief if I was in a hospital, but I stuck it out and felt so good about it. In the process I learned how strong I was.

4. Marriage. I have been married for 6 years now. I have consistently done my best to be the best friend and wife to Nathaniel that I can be.

I am sure, or rather, I hope there are more things but those were the ones that came to mind today. What about you? What things are you consistent about and what things do you struggle with?

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Caroline said...

Hey Jocelyn,
Good post. Loved your one one routine too.

I struggle with waiting until Friday to read my friend's blogs. I've succeeded for 2 weeks, then caved. I find it better to limit myself to one day, or even one blog/day, otherwise I am constantly checking to see if my friends posted anything new! I'm an addict!