Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Best baby stuff (in my opinion)

I have been on a bit of a de-junking/organizing rampage the past couple of days and it feels really good. With another little one on the way I know that my home is going to be filling up with various baby paraphernalia and I want my space to be as clutter free as possible. When Amelia was born we borrowed a few things from friends but this time around I think we need to buy a few things from Craig's List. I don't like plastic contraptions, but a swing is a must. I suppose our hammock from Ecuador would do the job, but it takes up a great deal of space. When we were travelling overseas I often saw infants and toddlers napping in them. Awhile back I saw the neatest hanging baby bassinet called the kanoe. It was seriously overpriced, but a very neat concept.

This is my top 10 favorite list of baby related items. I used All of them extensively and look forward to using them again with baby #2.

1) Maya sling: This was a great investment and one that I couldn't live without. It also easily fit into my purse and was great for breastfeeding and doing errands. I used this with Amelia until she was nearly two.
2)Beco carrier: This was a great supportive backpack style carrier that I often used when hiking with Amelia. I loved it more than the traditional style metal frame backpacks because I cold easily roll it up and tuck it in my pocket when I was not using it.

3)Baby hawk Loved how easy this was to put on and take off without disrupting baby. I used it extensively when I travelled to Norway to visit my girlfriend. It was a lifesaver in the airport. It is is also SUPER cute! This is a picture of me in Norway after hiking up to a rock called "the alter". The view was STUNNING and well worth the hike.

The really cool thing was that my girlfriend also happened to have the same carrier. In this picture we were off to pick cherries on her property. Hmmm such good memories.

4)Chariot Stroller (the best running/biking stroller hands down)

5) A lovely muslin wrap byAden and Anais

6) Swing

7) Cloth diapers: I couldn't find the link but I love how Amelia is pointing one of her toes in this picture...... so darling and so chunky

8) Padraig booties

10)Moses Basket: Simple, light, easy to move around the house. I plan on buying the stand for it so I keep baby away from Amelia's curious fingers.

11) Ikea highchair: this is so light and easy to disassemble and throw into the back of our vehicle when we were going to a friends house for dinner. I also love how small and simple it is.

12) Nursing pillow. My dear sister made it for me and it has been the BEST. It was also great as a support for Amelia when she was learning how to sit up.

13) This plastic bib from Superstore. Seriously it is the only bib I use and the only one worth buying. It has a great trough on the bottom that catches all the food that misses her mouth.


Caroline said...

I have to agree that the high chair is awesome. We had a big bulky one for Justin and borrowed one identical to Amelia's for Ashleigh. Pretty sure it was from Ikea as well. I didn't attempt a swing with Ashleigh...thought Justin just might flip her! Amelia will be a little bit older than Justin was when Ashleigh was born, so that probably helps. I enjoyed this post :0) I still have my sling, hope to use it with my grand babies ;0) Just a little something I want to carry on to the next generation. ;0)

The Stiffs said...

Hi! Just checking in after a little newborn hiatus. I just wanted you to know that everytime I read a post on your blog, I think to myself, "I love you, Jocelyn!!" You are a breath of fresh air, so keep the thoughts and pictures and stuff of your life coming!