Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whilst she slept

Christmas preparation are in full swing in this household. Yesterday Amelia and I collected some juniper branches and then she went down for her nap I made a wreath out of them. I love how juniper smells and I plan to fill my house with it. Normally I gather a lot of cedar, but it doesn't grow here in the Chilcotin. I use the same metal frame to construct my wreaths year after year, and I always enjoy using different evergreens and materials. This year I punched out some felt stars using my sissix machine and used some ribbon from my stash.

I have always been baking up a frenzy the past couple of days. As I mentioned before, it is tradition in this household to nibble on goodies while decorating the tree, so I wanted to have a nice selection by December 1st. So far I have made about 60 butter tarts, a couple dozen thumbprint cookies and I am looking forward to making a couple different types of biscotti. This one is a must!

I'm also planning on making from chocolate dipped apricots and some kind of cheesecake brownie. Are you drooling yet? I am just thinking about it. Unfortunately my pregnant body has not been tolerating sugar very well these days. When I eat something as simple as a muffin I feel like rubbish.

I've been making stockings this year. Nathaniel had a horribly awful one that needed to be replaced and Amelia never got one last year. I LOVE stockings and I eagerly look forward to rifling through mine Christmas morning.

I also made some Christmas pillows for my bed from some fabric I picked up while in Abbotsford. The cool thing about this particular fabric is that it is made by one of my favorite scrap booking lines Basic Grey.


The Stiffs said...

Nice work, Joce!! You're ahead of me in the decorating department by about 100 miles, but I wish my house looked like yours by now. Good work!!

Caroline said...

Wow Jocelyn! You HAVE been busy! We havn't done much baking here. Chris makes amazing fudge. I wonder if he'll find the time to do that...It's too hard to keep out of goodies if I make them early in this household ;0) Also, I am trying to save some "room" for Chris' step mom's amazing almond rocha when we go to see them soon in Powell River. Here's hoping she keeps her tradition of making it!