Thursday, October 13, 2011

My girls

At two and half years of age my Amelia loves.....

1. Picking flowers
2. Rolling down hills
3. Feeding horses
4. Baking cookies with her momma
5. Having "tea parties"
6. Putting stickers on her "helper chart"
7. Doing EVERYTHING by herself
8. Eating chocolate fudgesicles
9. Saying "yeah sure", "I guess so", and "No problem".
10. Riding the tricycle her dad found at the dump

At six months old my Claire loves.....

1. Sucking on oranges
2. Rolling around on our new soft rug
3. Bouncing in her jolly jumper
4. Attention from her older sister
5. Having bubbles blown on her belly
6. Crunching things in her hands
8. Nursing
9. Riding on my hip in the mya sling
10. Having a bath or shower (her whole body wiggles with delight)


Caroline said...

reading about your girls make me smile ;0)

Rachel said...

glad claire is getting use out of the jolly jumper i sent ya!

Caroline said...

Justin and Ashleigh love the mushroom on Claire's hat ;0)