Monday, October 24, 2011

September and October

It has been a fun and busy fall and as a result I have neglected to blog. To save some time on uploading I decided to just make a collage of pictures and share the highlights.

Watching my sunflowers bloom * making upside plum cake * digging potatoes out of our garden * Roaming through the Chilcotin countryside * visiting with Allan and Julie * trying out costumes on the girls * Claire sitting up * having smores around the campfire in our yard * goofing around

Making a leaf garland from felt * Making turkey apples * Enjoying a visit from my parents and brother and sister in law * puddle jumping * brussle sprouts * feeding the local horses * watching Amelia ride her bike * playing with* making and eating pumpkin spice whoopie pies with Holly*

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Anita Grace said...

haha, Okay so I'm posting a lot tonight here but had to post on this one too. You are an amazing mom Jocelyn!! I love the little fruit turkeys you guys made, man so creative~ I may just have to do those with J & L for a snack ;)