Saturday, May 4, 2013

A few good things...

I picked a fresh bouquet of lilacs today. Their aroma is intoxicating and fills my home with the smell of SPRING!

 This was my breakfast this morning. I haven't eaten a mango cut like this, since Nathaniel and I traveled across Tanzania.
The weather has been amazing and the girls and I have been spending every possible moment outdoors. The girls have been sleeping like rocks and bedtime has been a breeze. Hurray for utter exhaustion!

I enjoyed this mouthwatering salad for dinner tonight. Organic greens, steamed broccoli, Swiss cheese, sweet orange bell peppers, and sliced corden blue chicken. YUMMY.

Had fun shopping with Claire at Micheal's. I really wanted to buy a few necklaces but instead I talked myself into purchasing some plain chain so that I could make a few with the pendants I already own.  

This, my friends, is a Columbine flower on the cusp of blooming and I am SO excited that it survived being dug up and transplanted.
I captured this sweet moment yesterday. Since the girls and I have started borrowing piles of new books from the regional public library, they have been spending a lot more time looking at books together. It has made storey time a lot more enjoyable for me as well. Perhaps one of them will become a bookworm yet!
Said ADIOS to this soother. Claire is quite upset about the fact that it is "broken" but I am happy that I finally had the guts to chop it in half.


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