Monday, July 8, 2013

New kicks

Today I FINALLY retired my old runners and favorite socks. They have been through a lot with me..... namely my first race (10km), my first half marathon (22km), my first sprint triathlon (25), half iron man (113), and finally the past two months of training for a marathon. After a training run of 22km this morning and continuing knee issues, I decided it was time to bid them farewell
These are my new kicks and they feel like a dream. It took me a long time to choose the right shoe, but these took the cake for comfort and durability. I can't wait to take them for a test run.

I decided it was also time for a new pair of socks, since my old favorite had matching holes in the heels. They don't look so new in this picture because they accompanies me on my sweaty 22km this morning. They sure make a difference though. I think it is funny that something as simple as a new pair of "fancy" socks makes me SO happy!


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Mrs. R said...

New socks are a reason to be giddy I think! Good for you with your running!