Thursday, July 25, 2013


A few things....

We have been camping A LOT. In fact, for awhile, it felt like we were camping nearly every weekend. I am ready to take a break for a little while.

 I caved and decided to get an iPhone. It may seem hard to believe in our technology obsessed culture, but I haven't owned a cellphone in over seven years. I texted for the first time yesterday, and I must admit, it was fun! I am also looking forward to being able to snap photos without having to haul my massive digital SLR around.

 I missed an entire week of training after coming down with a nasty fever and flu. I am mostly back on track  and scheduled to run 26km this Saturday. Ack! We will be in the North Island for a wedding so I'm planning on download an app that will help me keep track of my mileage. Usually, I just plot out a route on Google earth or follow my training partner. Should be interesting, if not a change of scenery.

I have been painting and stripping furniture like a mad woman since my guests have gone home . There are cans of Annie Sloan paint everywhere. At the moment I am tackling a desk and a dresser. They are going to be fabulous!
My girls have been staying up incredibly late and sleeping in. I think I slept until 9am yesterday morning. Pure and utter *bliss*. My girls have almost always been up at the crack of dawn, so I am going to milk this for all that it is worth :0) 
Well, I'm sure that I could ramble on and on but it is nearly 11pm and I still have to pack, shower, and get my happy self to bed.

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