Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Journey of a Lifetime

Nearly seven years ago Nathaniel and I took an incredible trip around the world. Earlier this month I finally turned the blog we kept into a photo book. I am so thankful that it is FINALLY done. I used a program called Photo Book Canada and am very pleased with the results. This particular photo book is 80 pages long and measures 12 by 16 inches. It is hardcover and is an excellent coffee table book. These are just a few of my favorite pages.







Caroline said...

Wow! What a project Jocelyn! Good for you! It must feel so good to have it DONE!

Våge Family Website said...

This is so beautiful!

Mrs. R said...

So happy you finished it! Isn't it amazing and motivating when it arrives! Must be so fun to relive all those amazing momenrts.