Sunday, January 31, 2016


After taking an extended break from blogging, I often have a hard time deciding what to write about.  After a lovely Christmas and a holiday with friends and family, my mind and my desktop are stuffed with memories. Perhaps I should give myself the permission to ramble on about whatever pops into my head.

I still have crumbs on the lips from the most delicious homemade bread that Amelia brought home from sparks a couple days ago. I NEED to find out who made it and get the recipe. Have I mentioned how much I love good food!
I am trying to motivate myself to finish waxing a dresser for a friend. She gave birth to a sweet baby boy this week and I am sure she would appreciate the extra storage space.

I tried tackling our finances today after taking a break from adding up receipts for the past year. Yikes. We seem to chronically live outside our means despite our best efforts to live on a budget. We are still trying to find the balance between being "good stewards" and "living a little".

I finally packed away the last of our Christmas décor away and have started a gallery wall dedicated to our travels. It gives me SUCH intense joy to glance over at photos of the far flung places we have traveled, especially now that my world is so small. Nathaniel and I have started dreaming about the day we will be able to take our kiddos to Hawaii. I can just picture Amelia hording anoles (little lizards), Claire loosing her mind over all the flowers and Levi frolicking in the waves.

Speaking of Levi, he has FINALLY started sleeping through the night. Hallelujah! The world is a whole lot more sparkly with a decent night of sleep.
Nathaniel's schedule at worked changed and I am thoroughly enjoying the change in our routine. I love that he is home by 4:30pm everyday, the fact that the children get to spend more time with him after school and that I don't have to deal with the girls at bedtime  (my least favorite part of the day).
I am so glad that we went up to Kamloops to visit our friends and frolic in the snow, because I have a feeling that we won't be doing much of that around here anytime soon. I finally got a chance to go through our pictures over the holidays and choose a few to share.

Making perfect snowballs with Allan.

Enjoying a delicious breakfast at the Dodd's house.

Captivating scenery

Sledding is pretty awesome when you don't have to climb up the hill. Props for the guy who brought two ski-doo along with him

And made an awesome fire to keep all the kiddos warm.
 So much snow!!!!

These logging trucks reminded me of my childhood when my parents would take my siblings and I  up the mountain to go sledding.

Babies and snowflakes falling out of the sky!


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Caroline said...

Hi Joce! Nice to see you blogging again. What lovely pictures! I made a pretty banner for the window today (as it was time to take down the Valentine's one and it is too soon to put up the "Spring" one) and thought of you. I am not sure why, maybe because I was playing with some colourful paper? I hope all is well with you!