Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wild and Free

 "In its complexity and sensuality, nature invites exploration, direct contact, and experience. But it also inspires a sense of awe, a glimpse of what is still "un-googleable" . . . life's mystery and magnitude." - Kim John Payne

"As soon as children find something that interests them they lose their instability and learn to concentrate."
- Maria Montessori

"There is nothing in the way of direct teaching that will ever have so wide an effect as the atmosphere of the home."
-Charlotte Mason
"Home is the best place for teaching many things, first and most important of which is how to think for one's self."
-Laura Ingalls Wilder

"Kids need time to be bored; that is how creativity is born."
- Melanie June Juneau

"The things a child sees are not just remembered; they form a part of her soul". -  Maria Montessori


 "Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the stars and the mountains above. Let them look at the waters and the trees and flowers on Earth. Then they will begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education."  -David Polis

All quotes found at  #wildandfree.co on Instagram. 

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Caroline said...

Very inspirational quotes Jocelyn! Thanks for sharing! The pictures are beautiful!