Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Project Life: January 23- June 23rd

I haven't blogged in ages, but I finally caught up on my project life album over this past weekend while my girls were away visiting their Oma.  I am often amazed how, despite that fact that most of these photos have been taken within a small perimeter of our home, I continually find new things to photograph. Seasons change, children grow, furniture gets rearranged, routines change, artwork evolves,  pets and babies arrive, and new people trickle into our lives. Life is always bringing me new content. Sometimes I long for different scenery, architecture, and faces to photograph, but for now I am content to photograph my little world as I see it.

Our lives are simple, and yet, as I flip through the pages of my project life albums, I can't help but feel like our lives are profoundly beautiful. I don't always feel that way - especially when I am cleaning up spilled milk for the umpteenth time, wrangling my children into bed, breaking up fights, doing heaps of dishes and laundry and tripping or cars and Lego, but  somehow each week has its precious moments, bursts of color, moments that make me feel like everything I am doing is worthwhile.

There is still so much I have not yet captured, and sometimes I feel sad that I am often am absent in my photos. I need to get better at handing Nathaniel the camera so that he can snap photos of me working out, gardening, baking, decorating, and reading to my children. On the other hand, I feel like my project life albums are an expression of how I see my world and the people in it.



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