Friday, July 1, 2016

Tea Party!

I recently hosted a tea party for my 34th Birthday. It had been ages since I had done anything other than cake with family and I thought it would be fun to attempt a French themed tea party with some girlfriends. It was so much fun to plan and host and I had a wonderful turnout. Thankfully the weather cooperated as it was an outdoor event. Heidi, thank you for taking so many photos while I ran round like a chicken with my head cut off!
I made a vanilla bean "naked" cake and frosted it with raspberry cream cheese buttercream icing. There were so many desserts that I forgot to serve it. I decorated it with fresh local flowers, blueberries and dusted it with icing sugar.  
I took the opportunity to tell each and everyone of my guests why I loved them and appreciated their friendship.
I  filled my beloved bicycle basket with fresh hydrangea. I made the bunting banner and new pillow covers for the event.
The savory menu was composed of Nicole's delicious homemade quiche, and a crostini bar stocked with prosciutto, ricotta, fresh peaches, raspberries, roasted tomatoes, plain ricotta honey ricotta, cranberry goat cheese, brie, arugula herbed goat cheese, blueberries, a balsamic reduction,  crème fresh and strawberries. I made a few examples and encouraged my guests to be creative.

The sweet menu consisted of a double chocolate vegan tart, mascarpone fruit tarts, French macrons, vanilla bean cake, dark chocolate fruit bites, lacey's, Nanaimo bars and some tuxedo cake.

Pretty swing top bottles of  lemonade and homemade blueberry kombucha.

I love making bouquets out of usual materials like gooseberry branches.



I set up a seating area on  the other side of the deck for guests to lounge.
 Four of my guests were pregnant! I am so excited about the all the sweet babies that are on their way.


I had initially planned on renting chairs, tablecloths and plates but ended up using craft room curtains as table clothes, borrowed some pretty plates from a friend and easily found 12 chairs around my house.


The gift bags were filled with small jars of my husbands honey, a small bouquet of lavender and a card.

Thank you for coming ladies!!!! You bring me such joy!

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