Thursday, October 20, 2016

The value of planning ahead

I am definitely beginning to realize the value of planning ahead. Historically I have not been a planner. I can make long-term goals, but I have not  been good at planning out my days, weeks or months in advance. I feel like I have shifted into a new season where it is IMPERTIVE that I learn how. I think it has something to do with the fact that I have two school aged children involved in extracurricular activities, combined with the fact that we are hosting two connect groups this year.

 At the moment I have a ton of checklists and a plan for each day of the week. It sounds crazy, but it is helping me stay on top of things and get more done than I ever have before. I am learning how to manage my time effectively for perhaps the first time in my life. I feel a little embarrassed to admit that I am tracking my macros to make sure I am getting enough nutrition to achieve my goals as well as fuel my body. I have recently started taking vitamins and supplements to boost my immune system. More than anything, I am trying to bed by 9:30pm so that I have some time to read before I go to sleep. It's a challenge on the evenings when my  children don't settle until 8:30 or 9:00pm and I spend my evening packing lunches, sweeping floors and writing out my to do list for the next day. I cannot afford to leave dishes for the next day anymore. The days of lounging on the couch with a bag of chips in the evening to no longer a possibility if I want to stay "on top of things".  My evenings are just as busy as my mornings, but it makes the next day more manageable. Sometimes its simple things like putting a tea bag in my cup, filling up the kettle, and choosing my outfit before I go to bed.

I still haven't made any progress in the "meal planning" department, but I have learned how to manage my time better and set priorities. Blogging has taken a back seat, as well editing photos, watching TV, or anything "crafty". That being said, I am celebrating the fact that I have never felt SO organized and on top of things.  I am going to ride this wave of energy and organizational bliss for as long as possible.

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