Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wide open Spaces

This weekend we finally got around to weeding, weedwacking, and prepping our garden beds. We had our work cut out for us. We have twice as much garden space as we have had in previous years, so we are looking forward to growing squashes and possibly even some watermelon. I intend to grow an obscene amount of cherry tomatoes.

Nate's hives suffered over our long cold winter but have improved in the past month. He built a ton of bee keeping equipment over the winter and I'm glad he did, otherwise we would have had a few hives swarm already. The tall hive on the far left side of this photo is one of the most aggressive he has ever had.

Being able to keep our bees and have a garden on this lovely five acre farm has been such a gift. There is no way that we would be able to grow vegetables in our shaded back yard. Perhaps one day, God permitting,  we will have a property with lovely rolling hills like these.

Being able to spend time at farm has also been a gift to our children. While we enjoy hiking and exploring in the many parks in our community, it is nice to have wild, open spaces a two minute walk from our house. In the winter the children sled on the hills and in the spring the girls spend hours at the pond catching frogs. In the  summer  they spend hours catching snakes, cuddling chickens and foraging in our garden.

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