Friday, June 16, 2017

Deeper Things: Love

I don't know how old I was, maybe eight or nine, but I remember picketing with my grandmother in front  of an abortion clinic in Ontario one summer. At the time, I didn't really understand what we were doing, but it felt purposeful. I don't remember what the sign I was carrying said, but I remember walking in circles around the clinic. I remember thinking that my grandmother was a warrior and I admired her passion and her fearlessness. While I admire her immensely  I couldn't fathom doing something like that again. Not because I am afraid , I'm pretty fearless, but because it isn't loving.

Furthermore, I  don't think that's how Jesus would have handled things.

As much as abortion makes my heart ache, Jesus gave humanity the freedom to make choices whether they are life giving or otherwise. We are not responsible for others actions but we have been called to love. Period. Being loving means supporting someone when they decide to make the decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, love means walking them through the heartache and speaking life and hope and grace into their lives.

I understand righteous indignation, I understand wanting to save babies lives, but I don't think that we will ever achieve that through shaming, condemning or pointing

As a Doula, I am passionate about providing women with information so that they can make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. My job to is prepare women and then support their decisions along the way. My job isn't to dictate a women's journey so that she achieves my vision of a "dream birth". My job is to help her feel supported and empowered regardless of how her birth unfolds.

I think this is how we need to approach women with unwanted pregnancies. They need to know what their options are, and have support regardless of the choice they make. They need to have the facts but they also need to feel supported regardless of what  they choose. That's why I love our local
Crossroads Pregnancy Center. They are an amazing non profit facility that does just that. They offer free pregnancy tests, options counselling, post adoption support and counselling, miscarriage support, parental support and counselling, and free baby supplies. They are amazing!!!!

If you would like to partner with crossroads pregnancy center you can support them by clicking HERE.

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Leah said...

Amen. Love, that's all we are called to do <3