Sunday, January 18, 2009


What an idyllic place..... it invites me think for a moment that the world is good place. Unfortunately, it is not. Although beautiful it is fraught with crime, selfish ambition and cruelty. Sometimes I just want to escape from that knowledge. I work in a shelter for women leaving domestic violence so I am exposed to the harsh realities of life everyday. Last year I traveled around the world with my husband and witnessed poverty and desperation of every kind. It broke my heart and forced me to re- evaluate my life and what is important to me. At present I sponsor three children from third world countries but I would like to do more. Perhaps, one day, I will create a non profit organization to help rescue little girls from prostitution. Oh *sigh*

Spring is on its way and I can hardly wait for the crocuses, and other delicate flowers to push out of the frozen earth.

I adore handmade children's clothing, especially anything with European flair. This little hat is darling.

Oh look what I found. The most adorable print of a little bird with the name "Amelia" written underneath. That just happens to name that I have been calling the little girl growing in my womb.

This little booties are so cute that I could buy them for the sole purpose of just looking at them on a shelf.

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