Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A successful week of scrapbooking

This morning I am daydreaming about having an entire room for scrap booking and crafting. I am utilizing the small space that I have to its fullest, but I know that I will soon run out of space. I am using ikea storage boxes to hold my stamps and die cuts, glass jars for my ribbons and buttons and clear plastic containers for my chipboard and other sparkly embellishments. I love anything that helps keep me organized - cork boards, boxes, wicker baskets, plastic totes, white boards, filing cabinets, folders, clear plastic page holders, binders, .... oh the list goes on. The very prospect of organizing a space gets me excited.

Despite that fact that I feel sleep deprived and slightly cranky, I am pleased with how much scrap booking I have gotten done. Over the weekend I made a little book for my mom called "10 things I love about you". Perhaps I will photograph some pages and post them here for your viewing pleasure. I managed to get two layouts completed on graveyards tonight, which I am pleased with. Sometimes I am so tired that my creativity is virtually non existent.

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