Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dreaming a little

Ever since I found out that we will be moving to the Chilcotin region of BC I Have been daydreaming about what life will look like for us there. Although quite isolated, it is not without its charms. I've been told that the skies are big and blue, that the lakes are lovely for swimming in, and that the canyons and streams are stunning. From what I hear in the weather forecasts, it has already started snowing there so I am excited about the prospect of another white Christmas. I am really looking forward to decorating our new home for Christmas,although I doubt I will be able to make my traditional wreaths, as evergreens do not grow as abundantly in that region. Hmmmm Christmas... I am already so excited! I started playing Christmas music yesterday and I am starting to decide what I am going to bake. I love this photo - it makes me feel giddy :0)

I can hardly wait to unpack all of the belongings that have been in storage for nearly two years now, as I almost forget what I own! My husband and I purchased some incredible things when we traveled around the world last year and I am looking forward to be being able to display them. A few of my favorite items include a handmade blanket composed of green and blue saris purchased in Rajathstan, India and an antique ebony hippo from Africa.

We will be moving into a home that has been specifically set aside for RCMP families, so I have no idea what it looks like. I am rather excited about that fact, although I should be a little afraid as well. In any case, even if it is hideous I am sure that I can make it livable and possibly even inviting. I am already daydreaming about how I will decorate each room. Last night I was feeling particularly creative so I started reupholstering a chair I purchased from Craig's list some time ago. I will post some picture of it when it is finished.

My little girl recently started crawling and I am certain she will enjoy all the boxes that will be strewn about. She is such a delight these days I am looking forward to watching her and her dad interact with each other. More than anything I am excited about having a husband again, instead of a long distance relationship. Nearly six months have passed since he left for depo and I am starting to miss him dreadfully. I'm doing my best to distract myself. These lovely little parcels are a nice little diversion....

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