Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Taking account......

This morning I was browsing through my face book page, as I do most mornings while I am drinking my tea, when I stumbled upon a website by a young woman in Hait(website: http://mafkrul.blogspot.com/). I read her blog for about 20 minutes and then went to my kitchen to make some breakfast - instantly thankful for my stuffed fridge, clean floors and sturdy roof. I love how my daughter can ask for more when she is hungry, rather than having to wait another day to get her next meal. I couldn't imagine not having food to feed my child and yet that is common occurrence in Haiti for many families. In our cozy Western world we are our rounded prosperity, a surplus of food,huge homes, multiple bathrooms, air conditioned grocery stores filled to the brim with food. (Trust me, grocery stores are VERY hard to find in third world countries) Nathaniel and I can attest to that. Usually you find markets that look like this:

These are what some of the tent cities look like in Haiti right now while we complain that our children don't have their own rooms or that our car isn't new enough. Seriously, sometimes I think we need a reality check!

Even now I am struggling with the decision to buy a better, newer camera even though my current one works fine. With the money that it would cost to buy the camera I want (a Nikon D90 digital SLR with a fancy lens) I could probably finance the construction of at least one home for a Haitian family. It is uncomfortable to think about my frivolous purchases in light of such information. Dah!

Check out this website by my friend Shelly and her family. This is a photo of them with their adopted children.

She is helping women use their creativity to support their families. She has taught them how to made necklaces from paper, cereal boxes and beads. The results are beautiful:

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Rachel said...

yes, many of us need reality checks. Our society is all about me me me and what i can have better. You see those shows based on rich families who spend so frivilously, like thousands on clothes in one store on themselves. They spend so much on themselves that it becomes boring after awhile and they in turn feel empty and unfufilled because they are not doing anything worth anything.

When i see those photos and stories of people in those situation my heart breaks. Its interesting you wrote on this topic cause lately my heart has been thinking of poor and lowley people. God loves them too so much and they need our help. It is so much better and fufilling to give than to receive.