Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things I have been interested in......

Lately I have been interested in and preoccupied by...........

1. Discovering more about Islam: I just finished an incredible biography called "Infidel" by a woman named Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It was an incredible read and tremendously eye opening.

2. Learning about England's Renaissance dynasty under King Henry VIII. I want to know more about church history and how the protestant church gained popularity. The picture below is a photo of the 95 accusations Martin Luther made against the Catholic church in his day.

3. Cooking and baking new things: I really want to learn how to make romesco sauce, brownies, chili and curried pumpkin soup.

4. Tossing things I no longer need or want. It feels SO good purge. All of these items are headed to the free store at our local church. (Please ignore the horrendous state of our truck - it is impossible to keep clean)

5. Working out like a mad women. I've started doing Jari Love videos with a couple of the other RCMP wives and my muscles are screaming for mercy. I REALLY hate weight lifting and crunches and those two things seem to be her speciality.

3. Making a new budget. I realize that we have been overspending since we moved and our Visa is testament to that. Time to start figuring out where we are spending all our money. Just this past month we spent over 1,389.00 on groceries alone. That seems really high to me.

4. Watching "The Mentalist" with Nathaniel in the evenings via the Internet.

5. Being pregnant. I'm not feeling nauseous anymore, but I find that I need A LOT more sleep. I love this precious card my mom sent me the other day.


The Stiffs said...

Yeah for being pregnant and not sick anymore!
Yeah for purging! I too have taken SO much stuff to our local thrift store. And there is more to sort.....It's crazy!
Also, yeah for reading about new things!

Caroline said...

I too have been feeling the need for purging stuff! Good for you!