Monday, March 14, 2011

The girl with the dream camera.....

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE my new camera!!!!!!! I woke up yesterday morning to find it waiting for me on our kitchen table. Nathaniel had ordered it about two weeks ago and I was hoping that it would arrive in time for Claire's birth. I was not looking to having to rely on our defunct, outdated camera to capture the special moments. I had looked into the possibility of hiring a photographer for this birth, but it proved to be far too expensive. I'm hoping that between Nathaniel and my doula, they will be able to take some great photos.

When our camera finally arrived,I didn't waste any time assembling it, charging the battery and pouring over my manual. Normally I don't drive into anything too heavy over my toast and tea, but I was so eager to familiarize myself with my rather intimidatingly large camera. I have since learned about metering, exposure compensation and a whole bunch of other neat things. It feels really great in my hands and I can't help but feel giddy about the shutter speed and quality of photos. I have waited for this camera for SO long and it was worth the wait. Today while we were at the park with Amelia Nathaniel, my husband, picked it up for awhile and snapped a few shots. It wasn't long before he looked at me and said "oh, wow, this is fun"! Perhaps tomorrow, if the sun graces us with its presence again, I will ask Nathaniel to take some photos of my pregnant belly. I doubt I am going to get much bigger than I am right now - my belly button actually popped out this time! I am quite in love with my pregnant form and want to capture it in its full glory before it vanishes.

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Caroline said...

Hooray for you new camera! Yes, do take pictures of your pregnant belly! That's funny that your belly button popped out this time (mine didn't for either pregnancies).