Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This evening I had planned on blogging about how I felt like I was finally getting a grasp on being a mother of two, but then I had a horrible evening with Amelia and found myself and I found myself googling "what to do when 2 year old has an epic tantrum". For the most part, Amelia is a well behaved child, but once and awhile when she is overtired and hungry and something ticks her off - she looses it. And I mean LOOOSES it! She cries so hard she almost vomits, she flails her arms and legs, she arches her, screams so loud I'm amazed the windows don't shatter. I guess there is a good reason for the term "terrible two's", although I prefer to call them the "terrific two's" since it is such a precious time of discovery, language, independence and fun.

A mom I ardely admire wrote this READ IT! I find her posts incredibly uplifting and insightful.


Caroline said...

Hi Joce! The link won't seem to work.

Hang in there!

Caroline said...

The link works now. Really good read.