Thursday, June 9, 2011

On sunny days and rainy days.....

Spring has finally arrived here in the Chilcotin and everything is a glorious shade of green. We have received a lot more rain this year than in previous years. Hopefully that means that we won't have as many many forest fires this summer.

On the rainy days.....

1) I finally started scrap booking again, now that Claire has settled into a routine. I have had a collection of old papers, letters and photos that I found in an attic some time ago and now I am attempting to put them into a scrapbook. Here is a sneak peek:

2) I cleared out my craft room: (this is the BEFORE photo)

.... and painted the floor to brighten up the space a bit: (the AFTER photo)

3) Have had a lot of picnics on the floor with my girls:

4) Finger painting..

On the sunny days we have been....

1) Planting our garden:This year we have three gardens and a greenhouse, so we are going to be swimming in vegetables.

2) Getting acquainted with the newest addition to the family: A five month old treeing walker hound. Nathaniel named him Chester.

3) Enjoying bright blue skies and fields of weeds... I mean flowers.

4) Going to the lake.

5) Playing with the mud (there is a lot of it here when it rains).

6) Digging out garden bed for my flowers: I started this one when I was 10 days overdue with Claire and I only just started to tackle it again.


Rachel said...

Loved seeing picures of the girls and your new dog. he is really cute. glad your enjoying outside. i would love to garden too but im trying to see if our strata will fix our lawn. we are getting a really cloudy rainy june down here.

Caroline said...

Your girls are so adorable and your craft room is really brightened up with the floor painted! Wow! I couldn't help but recognize the picnic table on your deck. Have I seen it at your Parent's house?

How is your puppy? I think you are very brave for taking on a puppy when Claire is so new. Is he potty trained?

Been thinking of you as I planted sunflowers too ;0)