Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that made me smile today

This face: curls, boogers and blue eyes

These flowers: I LOVE lilacs and couldn't help but pick an armload of them in the town the other day. now they sit on my kitchen table and fill the house with their delicious scent.

This hair: she is sporting quite the Mohawk these days.

This sandwich: Fresh eggs on rye bread for lunch

This photo from pintrest: I love how at first glance it looks like a caterpillar.


Caroline said...

Love the ones of your girls and the lilacs. I love lilacs too. Our's are over now :0(

The Stiffs said...

The picture of Claire is just priceless. The hair! I love it.
Booger-y noses and cute little faces make me smile too.

Rachel said...

wowzers, claire looks sooo much like you joc. its crazy. i think amelia is nathaniel and claire is you.