Monday, May 16, 2011

Choose Joy

Since little Claire came along life around here has gotten a lot busier and I haven't had as much time to play with Amelia, let alone keep my home clean or workout. It is hard to let things go, especially when I have standards that I can't keep up with. Thankfully, Nathaniel has been exceptionally good about filling in the gaps, taking Amelia for hours at a time, doing the dishes and giving me some down time. Unfortunately, I don't always appreciate the things he does and sometimes choose be whiny and ungrateful. Mornings are particularly tough and I tend to be more grumpy towards him than usual. As a result, I have been making a conscious effort to try and choose joy over misery.

Today is Nathaniel's first day off in nearly two weeks and I couldn't be more relieved. It has been a tough week and I am looking forward to having him home again. I couldn't imagine if my husband worked for the military and was deployed for months at a time. Ouch! Some men and women, in developing countries, are forced to leave their families for years at a time to find employment. They send their paychecks home to keep their loved ones from starving, and live in cramped quarters with very little. When I consider such things I am horrified that I ever complain about anything. My life is a fairytale compared to so many people's lives. My husband is faithful, my children are healthy, I have a home and food in my fridge, I have options, choices, freedom, friends who love me, my parents are still married, I have traveled the world, I am able to have dreams and goals, I have savings, and I serve a God that adores me despite my failings. *Sigh* I am blessed.

Here is a precious photo of my hubby taking a sliver out of Amelia's hand.

Count your blessings. Name them one. by. one.



Caroline said...

I some how missed this post! Sometimes we need to write things down to get it, hey? (your choose joy sign).

Take care! I've been there ;0)

Heidi said...

ah, perspective eh. it is a shame we find things to complain about. we are blessed.

love the picture of nate and amelia! (gush)