Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A day about town with a girlfriend

A couple of days ago I went to town with a girlfriend and spent the day grocery shopping, perusing a local book store, sipping Starbucks, picking out magazines and enjoying hours of undisturbed adult conversation. In other wards, it was pure *bliss*. What made it particularly enjoyable, was the fact that I didn't have any of my children with me. Usually when I go into town, I bring Claire. In fact, I have not been away from her for more than thirty minutes, during the day, since she was born. Needless to say, I struggled with whether or not to leave her home with Nathaniel, but in the end, decided that it was time. We were gone for nearly seven glorious hours, and I cannot begin to tell you how refreshed I felt when I finally arrived back home. Nathaniel managed the girls beautifully and Claire was sound asleep by the time I walked in the front door. It was a huge relief to know everything had gone smoothly while I had been away.

Me and my sugar free, fat free, caffeine free cinnamon Dulce latte.

One of our favorite places to shop is the small section of Joe fresh clothes at the Superstore in town. We love shopping for our girls and we rarely leave without an item or two. Today I had my eyes on this adorable nautical white and blue striped shirt and white skinny jeans for my almost three year old.

Tulips: One of my favorite spring flowers.

Just before we headed home we picked up some pizza at an incredible pizzeria called Red Tomato Pie.

The most delicious vegetarian pizza I have ever had. This one had garlic, sundried tomatoes, artichocks, olives, spinach, feta, and crushed salt. DEVINE!

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