Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Playing dress up.....

soft cream and turquoise

I really, REALLY enjoy playing "dress up"! It is something I have enjoyed since I was a little girl. My sister and I used to spend hours trying on dresses and draping ourselves with fabric from my mom's sewing room. Usually, when I feel like dressing up these days, I pull out all my neglected heels, pretty scarves and purses try and come up with outfits. Sometimes when I come up with an outfit I take pictures so that I remember which ones worked and which ones didn't. These are a few shots I took the other day. (I can't believe I am sharing these....) EEEK

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to fit into my navy blue polka dot shorts. They were a hand me down from my dearest friend Cristina (who is incredibly tiny but doesn't like tight clothing)and I have been looking forward to wearing them again. For the past year they had been residing in a rubber maid tote in my basement labeled
"skinny clothes".

While my wardrobe and budget are limited, I am always surprised what I can come up with. My makeshift wardrobe of clothing definitely consists of an odd assortment of colors, stripes, hippie skirts, lots of rainbow colored sweaters from thrift stores, bridesmaids dresses, "mom attire" (long sleeved cotton shirts and jeans), skirts I rarely wear, a pair of cutoff shorts I bought in grade eight and still wear, and a suit I purchased after I started working for a publishing company in my second year of University. My style has certainly evolved over the past couple of years. In elementary school I wore awful neon shirts, purple corduroys, and a jean jacket. In high school I wore combat pants and overhauls, and in University I embraced my inner hippie. After I started working as a recruiter, in my second year of University, I started to wear button down shirts, shirts, high heels, make-up and tailored jackets. I don't really know how to describe my style now, but this is the sort of look that I am aiming for:

delicious pinks

I am still a hippie at heart, but my taste in clothing has grown up. While I think fashion is trivial, I am fascinated by its ability to transform ones image, boost confidence and convey information about its wearer. Right now I need to focus on editing my wardrobe and purchase more "basics", pieces that are flexible like white shirts, cardigans, classy jeans, and scarves. I would still like to buy a nice tan trench, some flat riding boots, jeggings, and more ethnic inspired jewelry. Those that know my well know that I am not always very practical and would rather buy a pretty accessory than a pair of socks. Here are a few boards I created of my favorite kinds of jewelry and clothing using a great site called polyvore. I am a little addicted at the moment.

pink, orange and gold jewelry

Blue and green jewelry

orange and navy blue

casual cute

Soft and Tough

What is your "style"?


Unknown said...

ah hahaha! I was playing dress up the other day too! prancing around in some pretty pink&gold wide leg trousers. jae called them coco chanel pants and is now busy making comments about "you women and dress up" beside me. thanks for the post,made me smile. :)

Mrs. R said...

Love the post and your clothing picks! I've had the same goal this last year to purchase good basics that I can mix and match.