Friday, August 31, 2012

If I could choose a talent.......

If anyone asked you, what super power or talent you wanted, what would you choose?
I wish I was more practical, but if I was given the choice, I would choose "the ability to dance magnificently". Once and awhile I watch an episode of "so you think you can dance" and cannot help but marvel at how beautifully the contestants move.
If I could dance, and I mean REALLY dance,  I would dance to a song by Chris Rice called "if God is for us". It makes my heart leap and soar and fills me with the most incredible joy and hope. When I hear it I can't help but dance, and I almost always do, typically in my dinning room with one of my girls on my hip. I twirl and whirl and leap make a complete fool of myself, but in my mind I am in the very throne room of God, and He thinks it is beautiful!
 I love this video because it features a whole bunch of long haired men and bunch of  conservative, plain looking Mennonite women dancing to the very song that I often butcher. It certainly isn't a "so you think you can dance" masterpiece, but it makes me SMILE.
Enjoy :0)

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Caroline said...

I let you in on a little secret Joce, me too ;0)