Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I don't know about you, but for me, fall has always felt like a new beginning. Summer is always full of fun, but lacks any sort of schedule or routine. It is refreshing to have a break from these things, but by the time the leaves start turning and the apples start ripening, I am ready for some semblance of order. This year, Amelia is enrolled in preschool and while it is only three days a week for three hours, it is AWESOME! As you have noticed, I am NOT the sort of mother that mourns the passing of "babyhood".  In fact, I relish it. Thankfully,She LOVES preschool and happily bids me farewell at the door of her classroom. If I was capable of a cartwheel, I would do one each morning when I drop her off.
On the mornings when Amelia does not have preschool, we attend one of the strong start programs in our area. I love having the opportunity to meet and visit with other moms, spend quality time with my girls and watch my them interact with others their age. I find it difficult to carve out "quality play time" with my girls at home, as I am easily distracted by  everything that needs doing. I enjoy motherhood and my children MUCH more when we get out of the house.
When I have somewhere to go in the morning, I am more likely to.....
A) Get dressed (preferably in something attractive)
B) Be patient with my children throughout the remainder of my day
C) Be organized and efficient
D) Have my social needs met
.........which ultimately means that I am happier and more balanced. How about you? What are your thoughts about the changes that this season has brought to your life?

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Chris is a geek said...

I have discovered that I am much happier when I get out of the house and interact with others. Too much time at home gets me down. I guess when I worked in the evenings during the years we home schooled, that helped keep me sane. However, when our children were your children's ages, I found if we got out too much, we also got worn out or house stuff wouldn't get done (like laundry), so we'd have one or two home days/week.

I am definitely enjoying the change of seasons and routine again. It has been a long some what lonely summer finding our way and settling in to our new community, but I am meeting more and more people every day. Having the kids in public school definitely has helped.