Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Organizing my wardrobe

Did you ever watch the movie Clueless staring Alicia Silverstone? Well, there is a scene in the movie where Alicia uses a computer to digitally choose her outfits. I think I was thirteen or so when I first saw the movie and I have never forgotten how cool it was.  Obviously, I will never have such a high tech system, or such a vast array of clothing to choose from, but I have come up with something that will hopefully help me make the most of my small wardrobe.

Basically, I plan to systematically work through each pair of jeans and dress pants and figure out what shoes, shirts, jackets and accessories work with them. That way, when I want to get dressed in the morning I can quickly glace at my album of photographed "looks" and choose an outfit that appeals to me. Eventually, I will do the same with my skirts and dresses. Each photograph will have an itemized list of clothing and accessories written on the back, so that I remember to include all the components. Hopefully, this will not only help me make use of the clothing that I seldom wear, but also help me weed out the items that don't work.  I'm also hoping that my "outfit album" will help me pack my suitcase more efficiently when I know that I am going to be away for a few days. Futhermore, I hope that this process will help me focus on "basics" rather than graviating towards whatever is on sale or makes my heart flutter.
Honestly, I don't have that many clothes. What I do have, however, is composed of sale items, thrift store finds and castoffs. Nevertheless, I have quite a collection of rarely used scarves, purses, necklaces and high heeled shoes.  I'm hoping that through this process I will figure out which items my wardrobe lacks and which I have an excess of. Here are two pictures I took earlier this week. Hopefully, when my hubby gets home from his hunting trip, I will have more time to play "dress up" !

Pants: Zellers / Earrings and belt: Bootlegger / Boots: Value Village /Undershirt: Norway / Sweater: From Holly


Top: Value Village / White cropped jacket and necklace: Bootlegger / Shoes: Joe fresh (Superstore) / Jeans: Holly's closet
Who wants to participate?

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