Saturday, October 13, 2012


(I'm the one with the strange expression standing between the Sheppard and the wise man)
I watched the Katy Perry documentary  called "Part of Me" last night and really enjoyed it. While I have never really been a fan of her music, especially after hearing her hit "I kissed a girl" years ago, I recently heard some of her newer material:  "Who am I living for" and "Pearl" and found my interest was piqued. What I found was a playful, hardworking young women with a history similar to mine. Like her, I grew up in a incredibly sheltered Christan bubble. While my parents were not travelling evangelical pastors, they were the backbone of our church.  I was home schooled for the majority of elementary school and my influences were strictly monitored. My siblings and I often joke about the time my dad banned a particular Christan tape  in our  home because it contained syncopated rhythm (which apparently they thought was  ungodly). We roar with laughter about it now and we often tease our parents with the song. My husband is often horrified by my complete and utter lack of knowledge pertaining  movies and music prior to 1994. The Goonies, Micheal Jackson..... who? That all changed when my parents decided to send me to public school. I still remember the day I went to my friend's house for lunch and watched Alanis Morrisett music video on MTV. I was transfixed. Captivated. It's funny to me that Alanis Morrisett was also Katy Perry's first induction to "secular music. I completely related with that aspect of her story.I remember the moment  I realized that there was a MUCH bigger and stranger world out there than I had previously known. That knowledge, combined with my hormone induced puberty resulted in some tough times. Sometimes I leaf through my journals from those years and I can't help but think "who was that girl"? Having two very different worlds collide is a shock to the system and it always interesting to see how people respond. Perhaps that is why I have been curiously following a series on television called breaking Amish. It is a documentary about Amish teens who choose to leave there faith and live the world of the "English". That transition is often painful, heartbreaking and full of surprises.
So while Katy and I had a similar upbringing and introduction to the world our choices have taken us down very different paths. I admit that I am very inspired by all that she has accomplished and all the lives that she has impacted and touched, I am immensely thankful for where my choices have lead me. I have no desire for fame or a career in music, but I do long to touch lives in a meaningful way, give people hope (Jesus), and be surrounded by those that love me. My heart broke watching her work so hard to keep her marriage intact while working hard to keep up with her demanding concert schedule. I am so thankful that my children are the only ones that deprive me of quality time with my husband.Yes, my life is simple and ordinary, but it is beautiful and it gives me immense joy. I am thankful that awkward, confused young girl transformed into a confident, mature, woman of God.

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