Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hello Winter

I'm visiting my family on the mainland this week, and I cannot believe how cold it is. I could hear my dad  scrapping frost off his car windows this morning before he headed off to work. The snow is lying low in the mountains and the girls and I nearly froze on the ferry ride over. Thankfully my parents home is toasty and warm and my girls have spent the majority of the morning running around like banshees. It is nice to have a break from trying to keep them quiet in the mornings (for our tenants sake). 

This week I am looking forward to catching up with friends, shopping at IKEA, taking the girls swimming, taking in a camera course with my girlfriend, reading  and enjoying the evenings with my parents. Last night we had a great discussion about the frustrations of raising children, disciplining, marriage and dealing with anger. I always value my parents opinions and advice on such topics.

Winter is on its way, which means Christmas season is on its way. I don't know about you, but I am REALLY excited about that fact. I am already starting to fantasize about where I am going to put my tree and all my Christmas decor. I would love to host a crafty night with a bunch of my new girlfriends and make some homemade Christmas cards, evergreen wreaths and eat gingerbread. *SIGH* What a glorious time of year.
Before I launch into Christmas fever I should take some time to tell you about our thanksgiving. To our delight, we had a full house. Namely, my parents, my brother and sister and their families and Nate's brother and is wife. We picked up the majority of our guests from the ferry on Saturday. Soon after they arrived the men took the children for a walk to the park while us girls did a little last minute grocery shopping. For dinner we enjoyed a big pot of homemade soup. In the evening we baked pumpkin spice whoopee pies, miniature apple pies (in muffin tins) and an apple gallette. Once the children were tucked into bed we gathered in the living room and watched The Avengers. When everyone had all finally settled in for the night, I marveled at the fact that we had eleven people sleeping comfortably under our roof

The next morning, we decided to forgo church and have our own service at home. My dad was more than happy to lead us in worship. It brought back some great memories.  Afterwards, we took some time to share those things that we were grateful for.

 I also encouraged people to also write down their sentiments on paper and hang them on my "thankful tree". I am so corny.

Afterwards, we went to a pumpkin patch in the country and enjoyed a dusty hay ride, a short walk through the corn maze, scratched some sleepy piglet bellies, and picked out several pumpkins.



We got home later then I expected and did not waste any time launching into the madness of last minute thanksgiving preparations (mashing potatoes, carving the turkey and ham, slathering vegetables with butter, making the stuffing... (ect). Thankfully we had a lot of extra hands. There is immense truth to the saying "many hands make light work". There is also something to say about the mess that ensues as a result. Wow, there is nothing like a turkey dinner to obliterate a kitchen. In any case is was DELICIOUS!


 I am a little embarrassed about the fact we had to use paper plates, but I only own four dinner plates. Hopefully, by this time next year, I will own a set of plates and serving dishes. It is hard to believe that in nine years of marriage, I have never  purchased dinnerware. I have certainly used and appreciated a lot of hand-me-downs. After we had stuffed ourselves, we retired to living room for some homemade apple cider (compliments of Jill), homemade pumpkin pie (Roxanne) and whoopee pies (me). 

 This is how we all felt at the end of the day. What a great day!


Chris is a geek said...


Chris is a geek said...

This post made me smile. Sounds like a great time with your family.

Mrs. R said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'd love to be a part of your Christmas craft time! I've been thinking the same thing! So excited for Christmas, and yes we still need to hang out!