Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good Things

Okay, it is official, there are TOO MANY GOOD THINGS! Here are just a few 
( many of which may or may not include food).

Collecting berries and herbs with my girls at the garden down the road.

Big warm hugs!

Frozen cherries. Oh my goodness.My new favorite bedtime snack.

Being silly 

Spending time with friends from afar. Sharing meals, picking berries, swimming and soaking up the sun. We love you Dodds family!. 

Indulging in ice cream and a stroll  at the waterfront

Swimming at the river

                             French toast in the morning made with farm fresh eggs and berries. 

Getting tanned while building sandcastles and digging motes

The "Blessing Way" shower my girlfriend hoisted for me on Saturday. It was incredibly special and meaningful. We dined on freshly picked berries, homemade quiche, brie with the most decadent fig jam, chocolate brownies and other delectable items. Each of my friends took the time to write me a sweet note and then proceeded to tell me all the things that they loved and appreciated about me. 
 *Sigh* Best shower EVER! I didn't take very many pictures so I borrowed one that my friend Anisa took. 

Freshly baked banana pecan muffins. They are extra delicious with a dollop of butter and a few freshly picked blackberries. Yes, can you believe that blackberries are already ripe?

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