Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just being honest

I feel guilty about the fact that I feel so reclusive.  Not only that, I feel enormous, cranky, weary, self conscious, weak and antisocial. All I want to do is write, read, nap and eat fruit until this baby arrives
I have zero desire to leave my house or converse with anyone for any length of time. I find noise painful and the needs of my children more exhausting than usual.  

We recently attended a wedding in Vancouver, which was beautiful, but between the family reunion, multiple BBQ's and engagements I was FRIED by the time I got home. If I could have crawled into a cave for a week afterwards, I would have welcomed it. My daughter attended four birthday parties this past weekend and I nearly had an meltdown each time I had to leave the house. 

When I do have some energy I try and tackle my enormous to do list. I know that once this baby arrives I will be consumed with his needs and unable to get anything done for awhile. So, friends, I apologize for my absence. It's nothing personal. I love you dearly and treasure your friendship, I just need to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich for a little while longer.  

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Boysos said...

I was so introverted with my third, and it was so unfamiliar to me I figured it was the child's personality manifesting in me :) Praying peace and rest to you for the rest of your motherhood.