Thursday, November 13, 2014


It has certainly gotten cold in a hurry. I couldn't believe how white everything was on Monday morning when we bid our friends Jae and Cristina farewell. It looks like winter has arrived! I am not quite ready to bust out the Christmas decorations yet as I would still like to take more pictures of leaves, brew some apple cider and bake a few more pumpkin flavored deserts. Our family enjoyed some tea and the most delicious pumpkin scones at a friends house the other day and ever since then I have been longing try and make some myself. 

The other day Nathaniel took the girls to our local fish hatchery and  on the way home picked up a huge bouquet of dahlias. Oh how I love their vibrant, colorful blooms. Eleven years ago when we got married, I had hoped to have bouquets of dahlias but couldn't find enough. They are my favorite flower and bring me such joy. 

I had planned on going for a run this morning, but by the time I dropped the girls off for school Levi was ready for a nap and I needed to eat some breakfast. Perhaps we will go this afternoon once the world thaws out a little. I love quiet mornings at home. Nathaniel is out hunting and Levi is fast asleep so I truly have the house to myself. It's good morning for  big woolly socks, good toast and a mug of peppermint tea with vanilla almond milk. 

I recently wrote this quote on our chalk board.

I would like to dip some leaves in wax with my girls.

It seems like every pocket of their jackets are filled with these. 

We made from "leaf art" over thanksgiving and I was thoroughly impressed with their creativity. 

Enjoy what remains of fall!

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