Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Christmas Letter

I am pretty sure most people have received their Christmas cards by now so I thought I might as well share our Christmas photo card and annual letter on my blog. I had planned on ordering a pr-designed card from etsy and then ordering it through shutterfly but it sounded like too much work so I threw something together on Photoshop. 

Season's Greetings!  I can't believe how quickly this year has FLOWN by! Around this time last year I was newly pregnant, and now we have a four month old baby.  Levi joined our family on August 18th weighing 8lbs pounds and 15oz. He was born at home with excellent midwives. Claire was thoroughly fascinated by the birthing process whereas Amelia choose to enjoy her early morning cartoons and a bowl of cheerios from a different room. Ultimately, welcoming Levi into our family alongside our girls was really special. He is a content baby, nurses like champ and sleeps well at night. We ADORE him!  He just discovered his hands, loves to coo at his sisters and is growing like a weed! Our family is complete. 

As most of you know, Nathaniel is on paternity leave right now, which means that he will be home with us on Christmas day for the first time since he joined the RCMP. Ultimately, his paternity leave has been a gift for our family. Not only has it allowed Nathaniel to tackle projects that have been on the back burner for ages, but it has also given us time to grow closer, have adventures and rest.  The other day we were sitting around our thanksgiving feast, sharing what were grateful for and I realized that the last time Nathaniel and I had a chunk of time together like this was when we traveled around the world together for nine months. Here we are, nearly six years later, with nine months paternity leave, playing "house" with our three kiddos. Nathaniel is even keeping bees again. He currently has four hives at a hobby farm across the road. He got fifty pounds of honey  this year. It is delicious! Nathaniel finally started building a pergola and the girls now have a nice patch of grass to play in our otherwise, forested yard.  My wisteria had one bloom on it this year and the deer succeeded in eating most of my hydrangea and hosta plants. Nathaniel is using every opportunity to teach our girls about hunting and fishing. There is usually some chocolate involved. 

Our summer was filled with swimming, berry picking, and preserving. Nathaniel's Grandma stayed with us for a couple of months and helped us pick over 90lbs of black berries. When we took her blueberry picking we nearly had to drag her out of the field. We froze the majority of the berries but turned the blackberries into jelly. This fall we harvested heaps of apples and made lots of yummy applesauce. I participated in my first craft fair this Spring and did really well. I just recently started painting furniture again and my craft room is bursting with items to sell. Somehow I convinced Nathaniel to stop scarfing the children's Halloween candy at night and start doing a Jillian Michael's video workout with me instead. Perhaps by this summer I will be ready to start training for another race, or at least be able to wear a pair of shorts :0)

Amelia started kindergarten this year and so far loves it. Her only complaint is that she doesn't get enough time to draw. This summer she started riding her bike at the BMX park and is learning how to shoot a compound bow. She loves spending every spare minute of the day with her friends in our backyard. Claire started preschool this fall, is getting very good at coloring, and is very proud of the fact that she can wink both eyes. She is a bit more feisty these days but as affectionate and charming as ever.  I am enjoying these shorter, colder winter days because it means that my children are close by. We have been doing of crafts and just recently started doing our Christmas baking. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!    
Love, The Lords

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