Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December Snapshots

This Christmas season has been filled to the brim with good things. Here are a few snapshots.

My advent chocolates this year.

Our Christmas family photo shoot.

 Claire was sick when  December 1st rolled around, but Amelia did her best to get her excited about our LEGO advent calender. 

I  have been spending a great deal of time writing letters here. 

Overflowing with Christmas cards for loved ones.

 We recently sang Christmas carols with the Moes family. 

Enjoyed some lovely brunch at Gabriel's Gourmet Cafe downtown with my man.

My little helper.

A delicious and inspiring brunch at my church

Searching for our Christmas tree at Go Go's tree farm. 

This year we finally made it to the famed Bethlehem walk in Parksville. It surpassed whatever expectations I may have had. Our girls were enthralled. 

We made popcorn strings for our tree for the first time this year. The girls thought they made great necklaces and bracelets .

Had lots of tea parties

I went to a card making night at a neighbors house and made a pile of handmade cards. This was my favorite one. 

Nathaniel was the storyteller at the church Christmas play this year. It made me proud. 

We celebrated the Dutch Christmas, Sinterklaas, with my parents. We munched on something cookies called speculaas and the girls got to open a few presents.

The girls loved the Kristoff and Elsa costumes my mom made.

Waiting for the Christmas Trolley with impatient children. I love the headbands my mother brought along for the occasion. She is so much fun.

My sweet little man enjoyed the trip as well. 

A pile of Lord children on Santa's lap. 

I hosted a wreath making party for a few of my crafty girlfriends.

The girls used the leftover evergreens to make wreaths and swags for their teachers.

I think she did a pretty incredible job!

Checking the post box each day has been a huge source of joy. I love snail mail and this year we received a record amount of it. I feel so loved!

Lots of Christmas themed crafts  

We have an amazing neighbor who delivers presents to all the children on our street each year.

This lovely family with five children from across the street sang us Christmas carols on our doorstep. It made my Day!!!! 

Five stocking hung with care this year!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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