Thursday, August 20, 2015


 I have had an app for instagram since I assumed my brother in law's iPhone contract a couple years ago. It wasn't until a mentor of mine repeatedly encouraged me to check out her daughter's instagram account, with the assurance that it would be worth my time, that I bothered to learn out how to use it. While I have enjoyed sharing my filtered, grainy photos with the world, I have enjoyed following other like minded mommas and other creative soul's even more. I had no idea that instagram could be such a incredible source of encouragement and inspiration. When I flip though my feed at the end of the day, (while nursing Levi to sleep), I am continually reminded to cherish my children and husband, to nurture myself, become the woman that I want to be, to embrace my life, to face challenges without fear, to see the beauty around me and live life to the fullest. Not only are the photos unpretentious, but they abound with the ordinary and beautiful things that make up people's lives. My favorites are those that are quick to share their joys as well as their sorrows, their insights as well as their failures.

These are just a few snapshots of people I have started following.....
 And let me assure you, my friend's daughter who goes by the name mamalyontamer, did not disappoint. She is truly an inspiring and incredible woman.  Her pictures are lovely but it is her words that rattle and revive the soul.

"For the days pre- children.
Every morning spent lazily in bed, rising slowly.
Every meal savored in slow fork to mouth motion.
Every train of thought carried out, and conversation with out interruption.
To every walk holding each others hands, and embrace held bodies together.
Replaced by early mornings, before the rising sun, shared meals, and someone eating off your plate and fork,
Holding a little hand in between us, and a small body wedged in between our embrace.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart,
Nor a place to stand up for your rights,
But to be changed, moving away from desires of our own,
To laying our desires down for someone else,
For a breaking at times, and a mending that is made beautiful"

- Amanda Lyon


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