Saturday, August 15, 2015

This is: Heidi

This is Heidi
She is wise beyond her years.
She is brave
 She is strong and yet playful.
She is a mother to three incredible humans
She is a missionary on the west coast
She is a visionary
She is funny (in a corny sort of way)
She loves chocolate and fruit (and would live on them if she could)
She is an extrovert
She is self depreciating
She is beautiful 
She loves Jesus
She can't accept compliments
She is well traveled
She plays the piano and sings beautifully
She loves all shades of blue
She is nearly always tired
She is articulate 
She is married to a Norwegian Priest who looks like a model 
She has the strongest hands of anyone I have ever known
She dreams of living in a tiny house someday
She is humble
She enjoys discussing conspiracy theories
She is an incredible friend.


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Våge Family Website said...

This was sweet to stumble across. You are kind. :) Thank you for knowing me; it blesses me.