Thursday, August 20, 2015


"The atmosphere of your home is the soft, sweet soil that will help hold the roots of everything you want to pour into your children. It's a lot like a little greenhouse—where the climate inside is so different from that on the outside and is perfectly suited for raising your young plants. And while all the comforts of an inviting home are something I've always loved and tried to provide, the real heart of the matter lies with us, the parents. Our attitudes and mindsets day to day do more to create an atmosphere then any magazine-perfect home ever could. Because it's not really about the externals, but the internal. The heart, our thoughts. From those flow our actions and our words. We as the parents have so much power in this it's crazy to think about.How crucial it is for us as homeschool moms, who are pretty much at home with our children 24/7, to cultivate this atmosphere first in our own heart and life. Only then can it flow out into everything we hope and dream for in our homes."

                                                        -Words by the lovely Toni Weber from #Wildandfree

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