Friday, October 30, 2015

Fitness Friday: Goals

I think I have mentioned before, that my goal has always been, to be  fitter after having children than I was beforehand. That means being fitter than I was when I did a half ironman, a marathon and numerous other races. I have realized, though, that while I love running, biking and swimming, those activities have little effect on my overall physique. My body looks the same whether I am running a hour a day or nothing at all. Furthermore, while long distance running comes easily to me,  doing push-ups does not. It is for that reason that I have decided to focus on weightlifting. I want to do something that not only has the potential to transform this body of mine but also make it STRONG!
During the winter months, when I was sleep deprived and nursing Levi around the clock, all I could manage was a Jillian Michel's video workout every other evening. By the summer I was ready to attempt a crazy video series called insanity. It was INTENSE. I have never sweat that much in my life. By the end of each session, I was a sweaty heap on the floor. Over the past couple of weeks I have started using a workout routine I found on While I still do the odd video workout during Nathaniel's work week, I  try to hit gym on his days off. I am slowly learning how to use the machines and the free-weights. I must admit that I am enjoying this new journey. I am enjoying the soreness afterwards that lets me know that I pushed myself. I am learning to love squats and deadlifts.  I can do more push-ups now that I ever thought was possible and I can even do a few chin ups. I feel empowered, strong and excited about this next chapter of my life.

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