Friday, October 30, 2015

Glamour Shot

Don't I look glamorous? This is for those of you who think I have it all together. Not so.
This is me at 2pm in the afternoon,  in my pj's, covered with Levi's blood and pureed mango. I wish I could tell you that this is uncommon, but its not. 
Levi is particularly challenging these days. Somehow I forgot about this stage. The one where they are constantly impaling themselves, refusing to eat, climbing everything in sight, waking up at the crack of dawn, consumed with a constant need to be held and have an infatuation with toilets and toilet paper. Have I forgotten anything? Oh, right, the perpetual teething.
 It's pure bliss, I assure you.
 I KNOW that I experienced this stage twice before, so it shouldn't come as a surprise//shock to the system,  but it has been. It's been exhausting.  Stages like this remind me that I am more than content with my brood of three chicks.
That being said, I am SO thankful that he is still nursing. While I axed nursing at night about a month ago, I continue nurse him on demand throughout the day in an attempt preserve our mutual sanity.
Nursing a toddler is both immensely rewarding and precarious. Rather than lying demurely beside you, gazing into your eyes, they twist and turn and squirm into positions that you never thought it  possible to nurse in. They stand and climb over you, all the while securely attached.  Once and awhile I get a good bite, but for the most part nursing has been immensely restorative for both of us.
It's all about survival people!

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