Tuesday, December 28, 2010

21 months old and counting.....

Awhile back I started a post about Amelia, but never finished it. She had started using a lot of new words and I thought it would be fun to start of list of them. For about three days I wrote down everything she said, but then realized that I couldn't keep up. Now she is learning a couple new words a day and will "try" and say anything we ask of her. It is wildly entertaining. Once and awhile Amelia will string two words together like "all done", "good girl" or "more milk" and I can't help but beam. Who knew that listening to your child learn how to talk could be so thrilling. She tends to be the most chatty after she wakes up from her nap. She immediately starts pointing to my face and saying "eyes", "nose", "mouth" and so forth. Awhile back we started counting stairs whenever we went into our basement and now she starting to count along with me. For Christmas she received a wooden abacus so we have started counting on that as well. It makes me giggle every time she says "1","2","3"... "9". So funny. The more interactive she becomes the more I love this thing called "motherhood".

A few more things I love about being a mother at this stage of the game....

1) Kisses and bubbles on my belly "for the baby".

2) Watching Amelia mother her animals and baby dolls.

3) The fact that she can ask for a "snack" or "treat" when she is hungry, rather than having a meltdown. She has also learned how to ask for chocolate and cookies in the most adorable way. I can't resist! I will have to video it one of these days.

4)She sleeps until 8am most mornings. Enough said.

5) She can open the clear plastic bins in her room and choose what toys she wants to play with all by herself.

6) She puts things away happily... I know that this will not last forever so I am enjoying it while it does.

7) She will walk up to me and purse her lips for a kiss.

Seriously, I could go and on. As you know I have not always enjoyed mothering or being a mother. It has been, and continues to be, challenging. I may have a bucket load of positive things to say this evening, but only a few short hours ago I cried myself to sleep when I finally got to have a break. (I have been sick for the past week and my hubby has been working around the clock). Even on days when I want to bang my head against the wall in boredom and frustration, I couldn't imagine leaving my daughter to return to work. I couldn't stand to miss out on watching her grow and mature, especially at this stage of development. As much as I may complain inwardly some days, I do consider myself blessed to be able to stay home with my daughter.

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Caroline said...

Great post. Good on you for journalling! I LOVE this picture of you all. You all look happy.