Sunday, December 5, 2010

Remembering our Christmas in Africa

This morning, while Amelia and I were enjoying our breakfast, I pulled out a photo album from our trip to Africa. Amelia has seen these photos many times but as she gets older she is able to recognize more of the animals we saw on the Serengeti. She loves pointing out the elephants, and the giraffes and making snorting sounds when she spots the wart hogs.

When we arrived in Africa, Nathaniel and I had been travelling for nearly three months across central and south America. Before we had left for our trip around the world, we had we had arranged to spend Christmas with our friends who were visiting their missionary parents in Africa. It was such a blessing to experience a Finnish Christmas, surrounded by familiar faces.

Our dear friends Will and Minna.

Our dorm style accommodations. The Bible students were away on their Christmas break so we got to stay in one of the campus rooms.

We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve as is Finnish tradition. My mom had lovingly sent a care package of gifts with our friends and we were thrilled to have some new, fancy clothes to wear.

We attended the local church Christmas morning. There was a great deal of dancing, singing and curious children.


Rachel said...

great photos, what treasured memories to have. I dream of doing that one day!

Heidi said...

awe, i would have loved to be at that church service!