Friday, December 31, 2010

On the cusp of 2011

I have no plans to ring in the new year wearing anything other than my pyjamas, although I love all the glitz and gold in this photo.

I think this year is the first year I have stayed awake until midnight in many years. Earlier in the evening our family went to the home of another RCMP family where we ate yummy things, visited and set off some fireworks,much the amusement and terror of the toddlers. I took Amelia home around 10pm and put her to bed and I spent the remainder of the evening editing my December daily album. I am quite satisfied with it although it was a bit time consuming. After having used Adobe Photoshop Elements to create this project, I am much more comfortable with the program. Hopefully in the future, similar projects will take a lot less time.

December 7th

December 14th

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Jana said...

Found your blog and am so enjoying it - becoming inspired...
I was tickled reading about Amelia and her baby Jesus! Isn't it so very surprising what these small ones become attached to?! Would you believe that both of my girls have become so fond of baby Jesus as well this Christmas that they have named a lot of their dolls 'baby Jesus' and have been singing that Third Day song 'Born in Bethlehem' (that starts w/ the phrase 'Baby Jesus' (lol) ) for weeks on end...
Am so glad that these precious girls innately know what's most important :)