Friday, December 17, 2010

My december daily project

I realize it has been a long time since I have blogged. My downtime these days has been consumed with working on my December Daily Project. Basically, it is a way of capturing the fun, excitement and day to day preparations leading up to Christmas. Ali Edwards, an amazing modern day scrapbooker, has created some neat digital templates which I have been using and enjoying. It has taken me a while to understand how photo shop works, which is the program I am using to create my album, but I am slowly getting the hang of it. I like being able to edit my pictures and hopefully in the near future I will learn how to add some neat effects. In any case, I am slowly catching up on my project, it is the 17th today and I have not yet completed pages for the 1st. The pages I have created are far from finished and full of spelling mistakes, but I wanted to share them nevertheless. My plan to have at least four pages for each day December. These are a few from the day I decorated my tree..... which was on the 1st. more to following in the next couple of days...

Now go and make yourself a snow angel.... provided you have snow with which to do so.

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