Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 365: Feb 8th -22nd

February 8th: Did some Spring cleaning in Amelia's room. We tossed a bunch of toys and removed the lower bunkbed so she had more room to play.

February 9thth: This is my favorite online magazine and I relish each page of its online publication. Check it out!

Feb 10th: These are a fewof the Valentine cookies Amelia and I made. I have had a few requests for the sugar cookie recipe I used so I have included the link. Caroline, this website also has a great recipe for butter cream icing.

Feb 11th: I have been making a bunch of these books for friends lately. This particular one was supposed to be a shower gift but by time I finally got around to making it, the little one was a year old. Opps.

Feb 12: We got to together with a bunch of other families and had some hot dogs and hamburgers around the fire at our local ice rink. The girls were so happy to be outdoors.

Feb 13th: I went into town today to buy groceries and ended up bringing these pretty flats home with me. I actually bought five pairs for shoes, but the boots didn't make it into this picture. Believe it or not, but I only paid 29$ for 5 pairs of shoes. Now that is what I call a SALE!

Feb 14th: Don't these look delicious? I bought an armload of lindor chocolates for my man for Valentines, but specifically requested that he hide them so that I am not tempted to eat them. Milk chocolate and raspberry. *sigh*

Feb 15: I started my spring cleaning today, although you would never know that spring is around the corner with all this snow. I tackled my china cabinet, my kitchen cabinets and for linen closet.

Feb 16th: My girls and I attended a tea party themed birthday party today and it was so much fun.

Feb 17th: Amelia spends a great deal of time caring for her animals. On this particular day I walked into her room to find that she had a plate of pretend food for each and every one of those animals. This one was my favorite because "they were sharing".

Feb 18th: A delicious spinach and blueberry salad with balsamic vinegar. I eat A LOT of salads these days.

Feb 19th: Enjoying a ride on the cow gate that leads to our favorite meadow.

Feb 20th: Our family took a trip into town today for some grocceries, a dentist appointment and a swim at the pool. Claire and I managed to sneak in a little clothes shopping as well.

Feb 21st: My husband found this poor kestrel with a broken wing this evening. Isn't he beautiful?


Chris is a geek said...

Thanks for the link to the icing recipe Jocelyn ;0)


Caroline said...

Great pictures! I think Project 365 is a wonderful idea and commend you for committing to it! Good for you!

Stephen&Leah said...

Jocelyn I LOVE your pictures and your posts. Soooo fun seeing your beautiful life put together in such inspiring photos. Thanks for sharing:):):)maya