Thursday, April 5, 2012

How failed cupcakes became cake pops

I was preparing for Claire's first birthday party and had decided that ti would be a good idea to make cupcakes a couple of days ahead of time. Unfortunately, they were dry and dense and I was thoroughly disappointed. Not wanting to waste all the ingredients and time that I put into them, I brainstormed some way to redeem them. Much to my delight, I learned "via google" that I could use them to make cake pops. Basically I crumbled the cupcakes into crumbs...
and then I added some cream cheese frosting I had leftover from Amelia's birthday....
until it resembled cookie dough.
Afterwards I formed the dough into balls and froze them on a cookie sheet.
Once they were frozen I melted some Wilton's candy coating and used it as glue to insert popsicle sticks into the cake pops.

Then came the fun part: decorating!!!! I went over to my dear friend Holly's and we spent the evening giggling, making a mess and making some interesting creatures. I love Holly's impression of her "crazy cat" cake pop.

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