Sunday, April 22, 2012

Looking forward to....

This sinus cold is really kicking my butt. When I am feeling better I plan to work through every drawer, cupboard, closet, in my house and and rid them of any and all unnecessary clutter. I'm going going to keep things that are either functional or beautiful. If they don't fit into those categories, I am packing them up and donating them.Tonight I started on my linen closet - seriously how many blankets does a child need. I think I counted at least twelve lurking around my house. Ridiculous!

On another note, I have been thinking a lot about the things I am excited about when we move to Naniamo in six short weeks!!!!!!!!

1. Being able to take my girls to  strong start five days a week if we want to. In our community the program is only available on Mondays at our local school.

2.  Growing ferns, hostas, bleeding hearts, snowdrops in our back yard.

2. Being close to downtown Naniamo and all the great boutiques and restaurants.

3. Biking on the Parkway trial

4. Running around West wood lake.

5. Attending Oceanside international church ( I went there when I was in University and I looking forward to going back).

6. Spending the day at the beach with my girls

7. Being able to buy things at the grocery store when I need them.

8. Cedar trees!!!!!!

9. Dates at Starbucks with my hubby.

10. Shopping at Home sense (eeeeeeeeeeeee)

11. Italian ice cream at the waterfront pier.

12. Doing laps at the pool.

13. Connecting with old friends and making new ones too :0)

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